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  • NCAA Initial Eligibility 22-23: What Counselors Need to Know

    Wondering how the recent changes in the NCAA DI and DII initial eligibility requirements in response to COVID-19 will impact your prospective student-athletes? Which changes are temporary and which are here to stay? Representatives from the NCAA will be joining us to discuss alternative review standards, answer frequently asked questions about academic initial eligibility requirements, and other items of importance as we look toward the 2022-2023 academic year. They will also review the resources available to assist counselors and provide guidance on reporting requirement changes.

  • What to Know about Federal Student Aid

    This session will include the top resources to navigate the financial aid process. Learning Objectives: Identify resources that assist college and career professionals when servicing students and families Changes to the FAFSA® Information on Federal Student Loan Programs for current and prospective borrowers. Topics will include types of Federal Student Loan programs, repayment options, default prevention, and Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

  • Creating a Data-Rich Admission Organization

    With shrinking budgets and shrinking student populations, college admission professionals have had to learn to work smarter, not harder. One of the best ways to do this is to adopt a data-informed recruitment strategy. But, most admission offices are not staffed with statistical analysts! In fact, most admission professionals were hired for their interpersonal skills rather than their data analysis skills. Bridging that gap is the topic of NACAC's latest white paper. The research explores the current skill gaps amongst college admission staff and how their leaders are addressing those gaps.

  • College Admission Cases Before the Supreme Court

    In January 2022, the United States Supreme Court announced that it would accelerate two pending cases involving race-conscious admission at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. As it has in past years, NACAC will advocate on behalf of the admission profession in these cases. Join us for a webinar that will explore the legal backdrop against which these cases will be heard and discuss the implications of the case for our stakeholders. Identify and engage prospective students earlier in the recruitment process.

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  • Activating Enrollment: Asking Questions to Focus Support

    Join Ivy Tech to learn about their journey into ReEngage to support unenrollment throughout the student journey. Addressing the challenge of aged applicants, the objections to complete assessments, as well as continuing students and stop outs, Ivy Tech has reengaged over 10% of former and unregistered students to support restarting their learning journey. Blending automation and a limited number of teams, Ivy Tech brings to light an application that will benefit every institution and student.

  • Tallo - equal opportunities for students; college applications

    Explore how Tallo has helped students from around the country break barriers by showcasing their talents and exploring new career pathways. Our panelists will include high school counselors who have used Tallo to open doors to colleges and scholarships; and college admissions counselors who use Tallo to attract quality prospective students. We will close with a video testimonial from students who have used Tallo to find and apply to the best college for them.

  • Video’s Impact on Enrollment: A Cross-Funnel Strategy

    Even before the pandemic changed digital engagement, many schools realized today’s searchers wanted video in the application process. Fewer schools knew how to create the right video types or drive enrollment with video. For CampusReel, working with 100s of schools and 1000s of students to generate 20,000 authentic videos over 5 years showed the industry’s broken enrollment strategies as well as the positive outcomes of getting it right. This session will share a video-centric approach for turning viewers into enrollments.

  • A Niche Playbook to Storytelling to Engage Students, Parents

    Join us to learn more about using storytelling and proof points such as reviews and testimonials to make your enrollment marketing and recruitment efforts more effective. We’ll combine advice with results from Niche surveys of students and parents as our own proof points to tell the story of why this matters to you.

  • Future Proofing Your Digital Enrollment Strategy

    Digital marketing is a topic that is often misconstrued. Some believe digital marketing is simply their email strategy, what their institution posts on the social media accounts, and their website presence. But those responsible for driving enrollment know it involves a bit more than that—and just as importantly, they understand that any successful strategy begins with a deeper understanding of their primary stakeholder: prospective Gen-Z students. In this session, we’ll share the latest research and marketing solutions that can help you deliver the right message to the right student at the right time on the right channel—ensuring you bring your best-fit students from prospect to enrolled. We'll cover how you can leverage Gen-Z's favorite platforms (TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook) with the right blend of marketing tactics, creating the "secret sauce" to future proof your enrollment strategy.

  • Paving Paths to College Enrollment for Excluded Students

    Too many students miss out on earning a college degree because they don’t think college is for them. Financial barriers are the #1 obstacle keeping first-generation, low-income and historically excluded students out of college classrooms across the country. 60% of students reported eliminating colleges from their search process based on published costs alone. Join education economist Dr. Carlo Salerno, and enrollment engagement strategist Lyquaia Purcell, as they dive into the research behind this perception and how to pave new paths to your college for these students.

  • Surprise It's Not Always Financial Aid, Part II

    How can you better leverage your existing tech stack to yield students? Our panel will demonstrate, with higher ed use cases, how advanced analytics uncover the most effective tactics and tools in your playbook to yield students and achieve your goals.

  • Letters of Recommendation: Reflections and insight

    The webinar is designed for those who took the Character Collaborative course, "Writing and Evaluating Letters of Recommendation for Character," and for others who wish to explore the topic. The course team will continue the conversation on the integration of character into the admission process, with a particular focus on the importance of addressing character in letters of recommendation. The session will be interactive and integrate the high school and college perspectives. Core questions include: Has the purpose of letters of recommendation changed to include deeper insights about student character? How do we encourage letters that lead us to better know the character of the applicant? What do students and admission staff need to know to advance this goal?

  • The Single Best Way to Improve Yield After Campus Tours

    Sparks fly on a campus tour. But once prospects leave, the enchantment fades quickly. It’s never been more important to continue growing the personal connection between your school and your prospective students—especially after their campus visit. How do you do that? It’s more simple than you think.

  • Guide for Research-Informed COVID Admissions Test-use Policy

    The global pandemic ushered in abrupt and (almost) whole-scale adoption of temporary test optional admission policies. Now is the time for the future of these policies to be reviewed and examined through robust research and review. This presentation will offer practical support and guidance for those who have taken up the NACAC challenge to “regularly assess (their) institutional data to inform testing policy.” ACT experts will examine the trajectory of the test optional shift, provide an honest look into the future and offer new and practical guidance to support unbiased and robust research analysis of campus and student-specific impacts of test optional policies.

  • Updates & Insights from Cambridge International

    This webinar will cover the latest news from Cambridge International, covering a range of subjects from the June 2021 exam series to electronic grade transcripts, updated webpage resources, and recent statewide credit-by-exam policies. The session will also offer institutions an opportunity to learn more about Cambridge English and how this program can be used to attract and support international students.

  • NCAA Eligibility Rule Changes for Student-Athletes During COVID

    Wondering how the recent changes in the NCAA DI and DII initial eligibility requirements in response to COVID-19 will impact your prospective student-athletes? And how your high school’s temporary curriculum or grading changes may impact athletic eligibility? Representatives from the NCAA will be joining us to discuss alternative review standards, updated to include the 2021-2022 academic year, for course completion and pass/fail grades. They will also review the resources available to assist counselors and provide guidance on reporting requirement changes.

  • NAIA College Sports Eligibility Updates

    Interested in how you can help student-athletes learn about opportunities to pursue their sport in college and the 250+ institutions that offer college scholarships in the NAIA? Then come hear about the unique opportunities your student-athletes have to play college sports directly from the source. The NAIA will provide you with direct knowledge of everything you need to know about college sports, eligibility rules and the opportunities to play in the NAIA.

  • The Biden International Student Bump: Real or Perceived?

    Some universities and colleges around the country are reporting a bump in application numbers for Fall 2021. Is it pent-up demand for study abroad? A Biden Bump? Or a result of students looking at alternative locations given that some nation’s borders are still closed? This one-hour webinar featuring experts from Sannam S4 - a global market entry organization - will provide on-ground intel from key regions and share examples of what is working most effectively to convert the pipeline and keep students engaged. The session will also feature two university speakers from Northeastern University and the College of Wooster to share additional anecdotes and lessons learned. There will be ample time for questions and answers.

  • Assessing character in admission

    Join the instructors from the Character Collaborative – Meghan Brenneman and Arlene Cash – for an opportunity to review the major points from their recently released course -- Assessing Character in Admission: The Essentials – and to ask questions and engage in dialogue. It would be most helpful to view the 90 minute course prior to the workshop. You will need to set up a free account in the Thinkific platform in order to view the course.

  • Building an Effective Data Culture

    Strategic data management starts with building an effective data culture across the organization. Learn foundational best practices and get an action plan for addressing barriers, building trust, and developing strategic alignment around the use of data in enrollment management.


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