Fundamentals of College Admission Counseling (Fifth Edition)

Cover image of Fundamentals of College Admission Counseling Fifth EditionNACAC is proud to present the fifth edition of Fundamentals of College Admission Counseling, now available for order.

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About the Textbook

The fifth edition equips practitioners with the core knowledge and skill sets necessary to effectively assist students and families with postsecondary planning and college enrollment.

Completely updated, the textbook is the definitive classroom resource for graduate education programs in secondary school counseling. It is also a must-read for practicing counselors, particularly those new to the profession. 

Chapters Included

I. College admission counseling form and function

  • Chapter 1 – The Counseling Landscape
    Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, PhD and Laura Owen, PhD

  • Chapter 2 – The Dynamic Ecosystem of Higher Education: Implications for College Admission Counseling
    James Dean Ward, PhD and William G. Tierney, PhD

  • Chapter 3 – Framework for College Counseling: Considerations for Novice and Continuing Professionals
    LaVerne Ware, PhD and Jonathan D. Mathis, PhD

  • Chapter 4 – College Counseling: Making it Work
    Lisa Sohmer

  • Chapter 5 – Increasing College Access and Success
    Ronald E. Hallett, PhD, Tenisha Tevis, PhD, and Marissiko M. Wheaton

  • Chapter 6 – The Use of Data in College and Career Readiness
    Trish Hatch, PhD and Danielle Duarte

  • Chapter 7 – Counseling the Crowds: Using Creativity and Accountability to Serve Large Caseloads
    Esther B. Hugo, EdD

  • Chapter 8 – Technology Tools for the Savvy School Counselor
    Christi Campbell

II. Elements of the transition to postsecondary education

  • Chapter 9 – The Early Years: Exploring Postsecondary Options in Middle and Elementary Schools
    Robert Bardwell

  • Chapter 10 – Academic Planning for High School Students: Careful Choices Cultivate Postsecondary Opportunity and Success
    Grant H. Blume, PhD

  • Chapter 11 – Postsecondary Options
    Patrick O'Connor, PhD

  • Chapter 12 – The College Search, the College Choice, and Applying to College
    Christopher W. Tremblay, EdD

  • Chapter 13 – Foundations of Standardized Admission Testing
    David Hawkins

  • Chapter 14 – The College Essay: Helping Students Find Their Voice
    Rod Skinner

  • Chapter 15 – Writing an Effective College Recommendation Letter
    Rod Skinner

  • Chapter 16 – Advising Students and Families About Paying for College
    Melissa Clinedinst

  • Chapter 17 – Institutional Needs vs. The Public Good: How Finances Impact College Success
    Angel B. Pérez, PhD

  • Chapter 18 – Facilitating College Participation and Success Before They Even Arrive: A Community Cultural Wealth Perspective on College Transition
    Raquel M. Rall, PhD

III. Working with specific populations

  • Chapter 19 – Working with Diverse Student Populations
    Chrystal A. George Mwangi, PhD

  • Chapter 20 – Problems and Strategies for Counselors in Brokering Postsecondary Educational Opportunities for Marginalized Student Populations
    Adrian H. Huerta, PhD and Kristan M. Venegas, PhD

  • Chapter 21 – Counseling First-Generation Students and Families: Access, Affordability, Admission, Attainment
    Stuart F. Chen-Hayes, PhD and Melissa S. Ockerman, PhD

  • Chapter 22 – Serving Undocumented Students
    Ann Marano and Alice Dolbow

  • Chapter 23 – Students with Learning Disabilities and the College Application Process
    Terence J. Houlihan

  • Chapter 24 – Counseling International Students at US High Schools
    Anne Richardson and Tara Nicola

  • Chapter 25 – Advising the Transnational Applicant
    Beth Gilfillan, PhD and Kathleen Schultz

  • Chapter 26 – Building Culturally Relevant School-Family-Community Partnerships that Promote College Readiness and Access
    Julia Bryan, PhD, Dana Griffin, PhD, Lynette Henry, PhD, and Beth Gilfillan, PhD

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