Report on equitable future for postsecondary access

Dear NACAC Member:

NACAC’s vision statement calls for postsecondary education for all who aspire to it, and everything we do at the association is in service of that aspirational goal. It is in that spirit that I share with you the work of the Commission on Redesigning College Admission and Financial Aid Through a Racial Equity Lens – a NACAC/NASFAA partnership. The commission’s work has culminated in a new report released today: Toward a More Equitable Future for Postsecondary Access.

With gratitude for the thought leaders who served on the commission and the students who participated in the student panel, we have a framework on which to base broader conversations and engage in a fundamental redesign toward racial equity in college admissions.

The report is available on the NACAC website. We are sharing the report with our many constituencies, including journalists and policymakers, and you will also see it on our social media channels. I look forward to the rich discussion this report will generate within the profession. With the efforts of our 26,000+ NACAC members, we can create progress through the strength of our collective voice.

I encourage you to share NACAC’s social media posts about the report within your networks. By increasing the awareness of this report and engaging with more stakeholders, we work toward our greater vision that the transformational power of postsecondary education can be accessible to all.


Angel B. Pérez, PhD
Chief Executive Officer
National Association for College Admission Counseling

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