Member View: Supporting Students Through Enrollment Deposit Fee Waivers

By Natalie Garza

On behalf of the Inclusion, Access, and Success (IAS) committee, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of positive and encouraging feedback we’ve received since the introduction earlier this spring of NACAC’s new Enrollment Deposit Fee Waiver

The committee created the document to help address one of the micro-barriers low-income students commonly encounter when applying to and enrolling in college. Oftentimes, the enrollment deposit is an obstacle that can seem insurmountable to a family struggling to make ends meet. As students continue to finalize their college choices in this unusual admission cycle, our hope is that this waiver can empower students, high school counselors, and community-based organizations to request assistance, and that colleges will provide relief by waiving or deferring the enrollment deposit.

Now, more than ever, high school seniors are experiencing unprecedented stress and uncertainty regarding their path to higher education. The IAS Committee appreciates your continued partnership to promote access and equity with NACAC’s Enrollment Deposit Fee Waiver, and we challenge colleges and universities to continue their support of low-income students by removing impediments like the enrollment deposit for families in need.

Natalie Garza is chair of NACAC's Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee. She is associate director of college counseling at St. John's School (TX).


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