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  • Flipping the Admission Process

    Students usually have to choose which colleges they submit applications to—but that is starting to change. With new technology, colleges can now seek out prospective students and send them admission offers directly. How could this impact the traditional admission process?

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  • Serving Rural Students

    It was only a few decades ago that rural students seemed to be absent from the college admission landscape. But today, rural students are becoming more important to colleges and universities that want to diversify their student populations and improve access to higher education. Read author James Paterson’s article on serving rural students spring Journal sneak peek.

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  • Minimize Gender and Racial Bias in Letters of Recommendation

    “Thanks to my years of experience as an admission counselor, I felt confident in my ability to discern what makes a strong letter of recommendation and how to write them well. I spent years reading between the lines to identify warning signs and faint praise. Unfortunately, I have seen my fair share of letters of recommendation that raised concerns about the learning environment students found themselves in. Letters that hint at racial or gendered bias and barriers within the school.” Read author Safiya Johnson’s tips for checking bias in letters of recommendation in this winter Journal sneak peek.

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  • Codeswitching in Admission

    A rich diversity, multiculturalism, and multilingualism exists in this nation and across the world. Allow students to write dialogue in their native tongue, be it Spanish, Creole, or AAVE.

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  • Better Together

    When you boil it down, public school counselors and community-based organizations focused on higher education have one common goal: to get their students to college.

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  • Finding a Place to Thrive

    Diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice considerations in the college search process

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  • The 8 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About College Admission

    Congratulations to the 2020 Muir Award winner, Jon Boeckenstedt, who won for his Admitting Things blog, which is widely respected and seen as a clear, compassionate voice backed up by data. With his finger on the pulse of college admission and enrollment management, his fearless writing insightfully supports our profession and the students we serve. We appreciate him contributing this column.

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  • The Worst College Counselor

    Brian Coleman, the 2019 School Counselor of the Year, has a confession to make. Think he gets excited when his students are accepted into big name schools? Think again.

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  • Guiding Marginalized Students

    The record of establishing diversity on campus is much like the history of race relations and economic opportunity in America—plenty of policy and rules and rhetoric. Piles of legal briefs. Several steps forward and a few back.

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