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NACAC is dedicated to undertaking rigorous, unbiased research exploring issues of concern to college-bound students, their parents and the educators who serve them.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Explore Student-to-Counselor Ratios by School District

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Student-to-Counselor Ratios by School District

To highlight differences in student-to-counselor ratios, NACAC has prepared a series of state maps highlighting school district-level data available from the US Department of Education. Although state averages provide a general sense of how states are meeting students’ school counseling needs, they can mask substantial differences in student-to-counselor ratios within states. A school district-level analysis draws attention to areas most in need of outreach and support.

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Enhancing Data Analysis Aptitude of Emerging Admission Professionals

Data analysis is an increasingly important job function for admission professionals. Particularly, entry and mid-level professionals are often required to analyze the pipeline of prospective students and make decisions based on patterns found in data. While data analysis has become a necessary job skill, training for these positions rarely includes a data component.

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DEI Challenges in College Admissions

DEI Challenges in the College Admission Counseling Profession, completed with support from, provides insights and data on how counseling and admissions professionals experience DEI and how institutions and organizations can make changes to create an immediate impact.

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School Counselors and School Safety

According to a national survey conducted by NACAC, school counselors overwhelmingly oppose efforts to arm educators as a response to gun violence in schools. Nearly three-quarters of 2,251 counselors who responded were either “somewhat opposed” or “strongly opposed” to policies that seek to arm teachers and other school staff.

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NACAC research illuminates complex elements of college admission counseling and comprise a unique body of knowledge in the field.

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