Know Before You Apply 

The Application Process: NACAC offers individual, IEC, institutional, and organizational memberships. Each category comes with its own eligibility criteria, but the process for submitting, reviewing, and approving applications is similar across the board.

  • All membership applications are completed online. You’ll need to create a profile on NACAC’s Community Hub to get the process started.
  • Application approval and dues processing may take up to seven business days to complete. All applications go through an approval process, and some individuals or institutions may be required to submit additional information during the review process.

Dues and Fees: Dues vary by member type and are collected annually. International members are accessed a mail service fee.

  • Once your membership has been approved, you will receive an invoice that can be paid online. Member benefits begin once your application has been approved and your dues have been paid.
  • Trying to figure out what you’ll owe? View our dues by member type.
  • Applying from overseas? Please know that any member with a mailing address outside the United States will incur a mail service fee of $12.50 in addition to their regular dues.

The Billing Process: NACAC follows the calendar year when it comes to billing.

  • NACAC's membership year runs from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Any membership started prior to Sept. 30 will expire Dec. 30 of the same year. Memberships started after Oct. 1 will expire Dec. 31 of the following year.
  • Those who join prior to Oct. 1 will receive an invoice in October for the following year as part of our annual renewal billing cycle.

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