NACAC Annual Member Vote 2021

What a momentous year! For the first time in NACAC's 84-year history, all eligible voting members took part in the NACAC Annual Member Vote 2021.

The vote occurred electronically, Aug. 9 – Sept. 15. During that period, members cast their ballots for the next president-elect and two new board directors. They also voted on the passage of several proposed amendments to NACAC's Bylaws.

Results of the Vote

Chair-elect of the Board: Vern GrangerDirector of Undergraduate Admissions, University of Connecticut

Board Directors:

Tahirah CrawfordDirector of College Placement, People's Preparatory Charter School (NJ)

Edward Pickett IIICollege Counselor/Dean, Polytechnic School (CA)

NACAC’s newest leaders were elected in the first-ever vote of the association’s full membership. They will begin their terms of office after the 2021 NACAC National Conference. 

Thank you for your participation and thank you to all our dynamic, knowledgeable candidates!

Bylaws Updates:

All 18 of the proposed Bylaws amendments have passed. Highlights include:

  • Changing the title of the President to Chair of the Board, President-elect to Chair-elect of the Board and Immediate Past President to Immediate Past Chair of the Board. This title change will provide more clarity about the role of the board’s leader.  
  • Transforming the Admission Practices and Governance and Nominating Committees into “special committees,” freeing them from requirements that restrict them to having only seven members with fixed terms and a strictly defined focus. 
  • Sunsetting the Finance Committee. Our bylaws and Articles of Incorporation give that critical fiduciary responsibility to the NACAC Board of Directors. Detailed information about NACAC finances will always be readily available to members.
  • Enabling committees to continue providing advice and counsel on the range of issues they traditionally addressed, but also to take on new and broader array of challenges. 

For more details and the full list of amendments, visit the NACAC website. Find additional information in the FAQ section.

We believe these amendments will ensure flexibility and responsiveness to enable NACAC to address the challenges of tomorrow!

Interested in knowing more? View the webinar to learn about the voting process and Bylaw amendments or contact the National Office with questions.

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