Board Goals and Priorities for 2021-22

Ongoing Priorities

  • Continue the board’s fiduciary responsibility and communicate and demonstrate outcomes regularly with NACAC members and stakeholders.

  • Advance NACAC’s ongoing efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within the college admission counseling and financial aid professions.

  • Improve NACAC’s and the Board of Directors’ connection to and communication with affiliate organizations, Special Interest Groups, and their leadership.

Goals for the Current Board Year

  • Ensure NACAC’s new mission and vision statements inform and direct engagement, event, and program design and assessment.

  • Encourage and advance NACAC CEO’s and leadership team’s change management efforts. Including, but not limited to technology, advocacy, and philanthropy.

  • Monitor NACAC’s ongoing operationalization of strategic recommendations from the CEO listening tour recommendations, Ad Hoc Committee on Leadership in College Admission, and Roadmap for Change: Reimagining U.S. Higher Education as a Public Good.

  • Formalize an annual plan to empower the new ad hoc and special committee structure to respond to the diverse needs of members in the college admission counseling profession. 

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