Board Committees

The Executive Committee is charged as prescribed by the bylaws with the authority of the Board, in between board meetings to:

  • Ensure the effective functioning of the board as NACAC’s governing body which includes planning for board meetings, board training, identifying strategic issues which should be addressed by the board, and active participation in the organization’s strategic planning process.
  • Make recommendations to the board for the adoption of association policies.
  • Ensure that the association maintains positive and effective relationships with NACAC’s various constituencies and stakeholders.
  • Be responsible for building productive relationships with other associations, legislators and individuals in order to promote NACAC’s mission and vision for the profession in service to students.

2021-22 Executive Committee
Ffiona Rees, Chair
Vern Granger, Chair-elect
Todd Rinehart, Immediate Past President
Johnnie Johnson, Affiliate Presidents Council Coordinator
DJ Menifee, Performance Committee Chair & Board Director
Angelica Melendez, Planning Committee Chair & Board Director

The Performance Committee:

  • Will work to ensure that the board receives information needed to assess the organization’s performance, including the appropriate use of financial and other resources to achieve NACAC’s mission and strategic priorities.
  • Is responsible for reviewing the proposed annual budget from the Finance Committee, developing strategies, designing reports and making recommendation for board action. This includes analyzing suggestions from the staff or Finance Committee regarding fee changes and realignment of expenses which are reviewed every year during the budget process. 
  • Functions as the board’s audit committee.  
  • Will oversee the development of NACAC’s financial partnerships and sponsorships

2021-22 Performance Committee
DJ Menifee, Performance Committee Chair & Board Director
Vern Granger, Chair-elect
Robyn Lady, Board Director
Cornell LeSane, Board Director
Eddie Pickett IIISanjay Mitchell, Board Director

The Planning Committee

  • Will work to ensure that new programs, products and services requiring board approval support the appropriate use of NACAC's resources to achieve the association's mission and strategic priorities.
  • Will ensure that the board remains current on efforts to achieve NACAC's strategic initiatives and board goals, including the work of the Standing Committees.

2021-22 Planning Committee
Angelica Melendez, Planning Committee Chair & Board Director
Tahirah Crawford, Board Director
Johnnie Johnson, Affiliate Presidents Council Coordinator
Beth Maglione, Board Director
Sanjay Mitchell, Board Director
Todd Rinehart, Immediate Past President
Mark Steinlage, Jr., Board Director

Governance Organizational Chart

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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The board officers and directors are experts elected by eligible voting members of NACAC to support well-informed and strategic decision-making.



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