Board of Directors Nominee Answers

Nominee AnswersDuring the Annual Member Vote 2021 eliigible voting members will elect a president-elect and two board directors. Each year, the Governance and Nominating Committee strives to provide members with opportunities to learn about the nominees. In addition to the information shared here: 

  • Members had a chance to hear from the nominees at a round table virtual event where the nominees interacted with each other during a moderated discussion that addressed a series of questions and topics of importance to NACAC and it's members.  
  • Nominees provided statements that addressed how their experience and skill set have prepared them to be effective board members. 
  • Nominee bios
  • President-elect nominees recorded 6-minute speeches to address specific topics chosen by the Governance and Nominating Committee and the board director nominees were asked to present two-minute introductory speeches that provided general information about themselves.

This month, nominees were asked to write answers to questions developed by the Governance and Nominating Committee. The following questions were posed to the nominees:

How might your personal and professional experience inform your work on the NACAC Board?

What do you believe to be the greatest challenges facing the college counseling and admission profession and why?  Identify factors we should consider relative to these challenges as well as potential ways to problem-solve. 

What are the greatest challenges specific to NACAC that the board needs to consider?  Why should these be the top priority for the board?


Nominee Answers

 Read answers from, President-elect nominee, Vern Granger.



 Read answers from President-elect nominee, Sonia Ryan.



 Read answers from Board Director nominee, Robert Alexander.



 Read answers from Board Director nominee, Tahirah Crawford.



 Read answers from Board Director nominee, Tara Lebar.



 Read answers from Board Director nominee, Edward Pickett III.



 Read answers from Board Director nominee, Matthew Ward.


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Campaign Guidelines

The board elections are not so much a race as an opportunity for leaders to present themselves for service to the association. To not detract from the integrity of the process, nominees are asked to follow these campaign guidelines.