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The Hill: How COVID-19 could doom the SAT and ACT (June 23)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Angel B. Pérez

Reuters: How to control college costs in the age of COVID-19 (June 23)

Inside Higher Ed: Admissions Offers Revoked Over Racist Comments (June 22)
NACAC member or staff mentions: David Hawkins

Money: Here's the Latest on Student Loans, Refinance Rates and More (June 18)

Dallas Morning News: Students face testing troubles during first online Advanced Placement exams (June 16)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Jayne Caflin Fonash

Forbes: 169 Best Colleges Still Searching For 2020 Applicants And Offering Tuition Discounts (June 15)

Bridge: Opinion | Many colleges have waived ACT, SAT tests amid pandemic. Why hasn't U-M? (June 11)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Jayne Caflin Fonash Editorial: Time is right to drop ACT, SAT (June 10)

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Georgia colleges see surge in social media shaming of students (June 10)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Casey Near

Bloomberg: Getting into college just got easier, if your kid is wait-listed (June 4)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Matthew DeGreeff, Lee Coffin, Nancy Beane


Earlier Press Mentions:


MarketWatch: Should you attend college next fall? Before deciding, here are all the questions you should NOT be afraid to ask (June 9)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Jayne Caflin Fonash 

Inside Higher Ed: A Mixed and Uncertain Admissions Year (June 8)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Eric Staab, Milyon Trulove, Brad Pochard, Paul Steenis 

The Observer: Fordham Goes Test-Optional Due to Coronavirus Pandemic (June 6)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Patricia Peek

Forbes: College Board Scrambles To Maintain Status In The College Admissions Game (June 5)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Christopher Rim

Chronicle of Higher Education: Has Reopening Become a Partisan Issue? (June 5)

Education Dive: College recruitment rolls into a competitive and uncertain summer (June 4)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Melissa Clinedinst 

CNBC: It’s college decision day — here’s where students stand (June 1)

Inside Higher Ed: Higher Ed Groups Ask Congress for Billions (June 1)

Inside Higher Ed: Testing Turmoil (June 1)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Robert Schaeffer

Forbes: You Have Been Accepted To College For The Fall. Should You Go? (May 31)

Minneapolis Star Tribune: Interest rate on federal college loans is about to hit a record low (May 30)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Jayne Caflin Fonash 

Wall Street Journal: Will the Pandemic Revolutionize College Admissions? (May 29)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Brennan Barnard, Angel Perez, Greg Roberts, Whitney Soule, Jeremiah Quinlan, Jeff Schiffman 

Forbes: Stimulate This: How School Counselors Will Help Save Our Post-Pandemic Future (May 28)
NACAC member or staff mentions: Brennan Barnard, Diane Campbell, Jayne Caflin Fonash


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