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  • Mental Health in Minority Student Populations

    Admission professionals should aim to understand the intersection between minority populations and mental health, barriers to treatment, and forms of support within the profession. Moreover, they should support these students in dismantling the stigma so that they can receive the care they deserve.

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  • Women in the Profession

    Statistically, women dominate the school counseling and admission fields. Yet women and minority racial/ethnic groups are underrepresented in key segments of the admission profession. Learn how to further your career, and find support and work-life balance.

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  • Tech & Higher Ed

    About 50 years ago, college freshmen were expecting protests and poetry on campus, and 30 years ago, they may have been arriving ready to step into a management class and a fraternity bash. Looking back at this decade, it is likely one thing will be seen as the theme for the young people of college age: technology.

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