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As a constituent, you have the right to expect your elected officials to pay attention to your opinions. Action alerts are a simple yet effective way to have your voice heard. Complete the action alerts here to tell your elected officials why these issues matter to you, and encourage your colleagues and friends to join you.

Encourage Your Senators to Support S.J.Res.56

Congress is soon expected to vote on S.J.Res.56, a Congressional Review Act resolution of disapproval on the Department of Education’s Borrower Defense to Repayment Rule (“Borrower’s Defense rule”). The Department’s rule would place the burden on students to prove they were defrauded and make it more difficult for their loans to be discharged. 

Urge your elected officials to support and protect students and taxpayers by voting in favor of S.J.Res.56.

Urge Congress to Support the College Affordability Act

The House Committee on Education and Labor recently passed H.R. 4674, the College Affordability Act. If passed, this bill would reauthorize the Higher Education Act (HEA) and would, among other things:

  • Increase the maximum Pell Grant, index the award amount to inflation so that grant dollars would maintain their purchasing power, and expand Pell Grant eligibility to DREAMers and incarcerated individuals;
  • Reduce and simplify the federal loan programs and repayment options available to students;
  • Simplify the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and improve the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program; and
  • Restore critical regulations designed to protect students and taxpayers from unscrupulous colleges, such as rules covering gainful employment and borrowers’ defense to repayment.

Encourage your Representative to support H.R. 4674 today.

Urge Your Elected Officials to Protect PSLF

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program supports public service professionals  including public educators – and ensures those with a passion to serve their community can afford to do so, even if they have student loans. The PSLF program was designed so that after 10 years of monthly qualifying loan repayments and full-time public service, public service professionals earn forgiveness on their remaining federal student debt. 

Encourage your Members of Congress to oppose any legislation that proposes to cap or eliminate PSLF.

Encourage Your Senators to Support Dreamers

Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) and Senator Lindsay Graham (R-SC) introduced S. 874, the Dream Act of 2019, which would provide permanent legal protections and a path to citizenship for individuals commonly referred to as Dreamers. This bipartisan legislation, if signed into law, would allow these individuals to remain in the US and pursue their education and careers without the threat of deportation.

Urge your Senators to support S. 874 today!

Urge Congress to PROTECT Students

If signed into law, the Preventing Risky Operations from Threatening the Education and Career Trajectories of (PROTECT) Students Act (S. 867 / H.R. 3512) would protect students and taxpayers from unscrupulous colleges by:
  • Replacing the 90/10 rule with an 85/15 rule to require for-profit colleges to derive at least 15 percent of their revenue from non-federal funds, and close the loophole that allows Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs to be counted as non-federal dollars;
  • Codifying the 2014 Gainful Employment regulations that require vocational programs at for-profit colleges and non-degree programs at non-profit colleges to meet minimum thresholds of debt to income rates;
  • Banning the use of arbitration agreements and class action restrictions as part of enrollment agreements made between students and institutions of higher education;
  • Codifying and strengthening the 2016 regulations regarding the forgiveness of the federal student loan relief that borrowers are entitled to when a school violates state or federal law;
  • Expanding the prohibition of incentive compensation to cover any activity relating to a student’s academic career, from recruitment to graduation; and
  • Enhancing civil penalties that the Secretary may impose on an institution and its officers found to be in violation of the law.

Urge your Members of Congress to PROTECT students and taxpayers today!


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