Advocacy Letters

As the voice of the college admission counseling profession, NACAC regularly sends letters to Congress, the Department of Education, and other relevant agencies and organizations, often in collaboration with other education advocacy organizations and coalitions. See the advocacy letters NACAC has sent this year regarding our federal and state policy priorities below.

PostsecData Members Encourage CARES Act Funding Data Collection

NACAC and fellow members of the Postsecondary Data Collaborative wrote to Department of Education leadership to encourage transparent, public reporting of institutions' spending of funds provided by the CARES Act (May 2020). 

Advocacy Groups Submit Distance Education Comments

A group of 50 advocacy organizations including NACAC submitted comments to the Department of Educaion regarding proposed distance education regulations, urging the Department to maintain safeguards intended to protect students and taxpayers (May 2020).

NACAC Joins Comments Regarding Proposed Accreditation Standards and Revisions

NACAC joined a group of fellow advocacy organizations in comments regarding the New England Commission of Higher Education’s (NECHE) proposed standards and policy revisions (May 2020). 

Higher Ed Groups Respond to Immigration Executive Order

In a letter to members of the Administration, NACAC and more than 60 other higher education organizations responded to the White House executive order banning immigration during the COVID-19 outbreak, sharing recommendations regarding international students (April 2020).

NACAC Urges Department of Education to Reconsider CARES Act Eligibility

NACAC, several of its affiliates, and more than 250 other organizations urged the Department of Education to reverse guidelines stating that DACA recipients and other undocumented students are ineligible for emergency financial aid grants provided by the CARES Act (April 2020).

Groups Encourage Federal Investment in State Higher Education Budgets

NACAC and 25 other education organizations urged Congressional leadership to invest at least $46 billion in state higher education budgets to address budget shortfalls and economic hardships caused by COVID-19 (April 2020).

Higher Education Groups Recommend Small Business Administration Program Changes 

In a letter to Congressional leadership, NACAC and 35 other higher education organizations recommended changes to the Paycheck Protection Program and COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan Emergency Advance and Loan programs created under the CARES Act (April 2020).

Education Associations Submit Main Street Lending Program Comments

NACAC joined 48 fellow higher education organizations in comments to the Federal Reserve regarding college and university elibility for the Main Street Lending Program (April 2020). 

NACAC Urges Congress to Prevent CARES Act Taxation

NACAC joined ACE and other education organizations in a letter to Congressional leaders reiterating concern regarding potential taxability of CARES Act emergency student aid grants (April 2020). 

Education Organizations Encourage Congress to Consider Targeted Student Loan Relief

NACAC joined fellow education organizations in a letter encouraging Congressional leaders outlining considerations for targeted student loan relief in light of COVID-19 (April 2020). 

NACAC Urges Increased Education Funding

Nearly 400 organizations, including NACAC, signed on to a letter to Congressional appropriators calling for a significant boost to education funding in fiscal year 2021 appropriations (April 2020). 

NACAC Joins Call for Additional Funding for Associations

NACAC joined hundreds of fellow professional and trade associations in a letter to Congress requesting additional funds for non-profit associations in the next coronavirus aid package (April 2020). 

Higher Education Groups Outline Additional Support Needed from Congress

In a letter to Senate leadership, NACAC, American Council on Education, and other higher education organizations relayed additional needs of students, educators, and institutions, requesting that these needs be addressed and met in future coronavirus response legislation (April 2020). 

NACAC, ACE, & Other Higher Education Groups Recommend Tax Proposals  

A group of 40 education organizations urged Congress to include tax proposals intended to support students and institutions of higher education in future COVID-19 pandemic relief legislation (April 2020). 

NACAC Asks Department of Education to Consider FAFSA Verification Flexibilities 

NACAC joined NASFAA and NCAN in a letter to the Department of Education requesting flexibility for students selected for FAFSA verification, among others, during Coronavirus-related shutdowns and delays (April 2020). 

NACAC Oppose Granting Broad Waiver Authority in Coronavirus Response Legislation

NACAC joined 21 other organizations in a letter to Congressional leadership expressing concerns about broad HEA waiver authority granted to the Secretary of Education in proposed Coronavirus stimulus legislation (March 2020).

NACAC Urges Full Funding of Title IV-Part A Program

NACAC joined with fellow members of the Title IV-Part A Coalition to urge Congress increase education funding and fully fund the Title IV-Part A program in the fiscal year 2021 budget (March 2020). 

NACAC Urges Congress to Provide Additional Education Funding in Light of COVID-19

Members of the Title IV-Part A Coalition called on Congress to pass a comprehensive COVID-19 response package that includes funding for remote learning support (March 2020). 

NACAC Encourages Clean Budget

NACAC and fellow members of the Clean Budget Coalition urged Congress to pass fiscal year 2021 appropriations bills that are free from harmful policy riders (March 2020).

Student Aid Alliance Thanks Congress for Increase FY20 Education Funding

NACAC joined other members of the Student Aid Alliance in thanking Congress for their support of student aid programs in the fiscal year 2020 Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations Act, and encouraged them to continue that committment in fiscal year 2021 appropriations (February 2020). 

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